Working together towards a safer society.

Working together towards a safer society.


One key area for us to help improve is for the firefighter’s personal safety & protection. The challenge in this field is pinpointing where and how your team are as they enter a building...

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About us

Welcome to Teijin Smart Safety - a team of experts from the Teijin Group that develops and commercializes active and intelligent safety solutions, helping to improve the personal health and safety of front-line professionals.

Teijin Smart Safety is born from our parent company Teijin Limited, and their 100 year history in advanced technological products. While utterly committed to safety, security and disaster mitigation solutions, our sights are set on giving vital support to our end-users, while actively identifying more intelligent safety solutions.

One of Teijin's Solutions

Active cooling Vest

Teijin’s Active Body Cooling Vest is a battery powered lightweight 3-dimensional piece of clothing that cools the user by increasing the effectiveness of the body’s own cooling mechanism. It does not need any precooling or preparation other than loading the battery for an up to six hours uninterrupted service. It is an effective and innovative plug-and-play tool.

Innovation Partnerships

Our philosophy is that together we are stronger. A good network is helpful for everybody and not only does it solve problems easier due to the variety of expertise involved, but it also increases the speed of the processes.