Innovation partnerships

Innovation partnerships

Working together towards a safer society.

Examples of our collaborations can be seen with universities, technology and business schools, public, semi-governmental and private institutions, international trend-setting companies, start-ups, our customers and of course, end-users.

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We believe that working collaboratively makes us stronger and smarter - that an inclusive network is a helpful network. Not only does this help solve the problems with its broader variety of expertise involved, it also increases the smooth flow and speed of the process.

Teijin Smart Safety actively seeks out input in our projects and remains open to creating partnerships. Its method clearly focuses on the collaborative development and commercialization of active & intelligent safety solutions. And it’s this kind of openness that removes unnecessary limitations on success.

Some of our cooperation partners: Elitac Wearables, LHD Group, HAVEP, Saxion, Radboud University, Twente Safety Campus

Working together towards a safer society

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“Teijin Smart Safety’s strategy perfectly fits with our aim to develop wearables for professionals by integrating electronics and textiles. The strategic cooperation with Teijin enabled Elitac Wearables to professionalize and scale our wearable development, leading to the establishment of the Elitac Wearables Lab. Here we co-develop solutions with Teijin, but also with partners who are active in other business fields.” - Merijn Klarenbeek, CEO and co-founder of Elitac Wearables

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"We know Teijin as a reliable partner of solutions for protective clothing already for a long time. When they showed us the first prototype of the Active Cooling Vest we were immediately convinced that this innovative product fits perfectly to the needs of our customers. The further cooperation in development was extremely professional and led to a product that both of us are proud of. Safety, innovation, quick decisions, hands-on mentality and always focusing the customer’s needs are values that LHD and Teijin share in common. We are looking forward to the next project with Teijin!” - Christian Pannier, Business Unit Director Fire&Rescue of LHD-Group