About Teijin Smart Safety

About Teijin Smart Safety

Working together towards a safer society.

For over 100 years the Teijin Group has been successfully creating innovative solutions. Teijin constantly seeks to identify the unmet needs of end-users, where positive social contributions can be found. Born from this level of integrity, Teijin Smart Safety is an expert team within the Teijin materials business group. With locations in the Netherlands and Japan, we focus on safety, security and disaster mitigation solutions for our customers.

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Our team leads the development and commercialization of active & intelligent safety solutions. This way, we can improve the personal safety and protection of professionals working under high-stress or in hazardous environments. In order to deliver these innovative solutions, we leverage not only the expertise and knowledge across the whole Teijin Group, but also close cooperation with external parties.

Once an unmet need has been found, Teijin Smart Safety coordinates the precise team needed to develop and commercialize the appropriate kind of ground-breaking solution. 

To achieve this, Teijin Smart Safety works closely with universities, semi-governmental, public and private institutions. These cooperation’s with international trend-setting companies, start-ups, customers and – most importantly - end-users help us to achieve our common goals.

Whether from Arnhem or Tokyo, we’re always searching worldwide for new opportunities and connections to strengthen our network - seeking to find cooperative partners for our projects. Examples of our collaborative thinking can be seen in our Mission Navigation Belt, Active Cooling Vest and our SmartShoulder technology.

This strong set of alliances, investments and acquisitions are an invaluable part of our approach that helps us to keep one step ahead in safety.

Our vision on implementing more active & intelligent safety solutions for firefighters.

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Either on the development side, in idea generation, by shared problem solving, during prototyping, upscaling and production or in commercialization and distribution, we are looking forward for you contacting us!

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"Teijin Smart Safety - Working together towards a safer society."